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Professional Garage Door Repair

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Garage Door Repair Servies

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Rockford Door Company provides expert garage door repair services in Rockford Illinois and surrounding Stateline areas.

When a problem with your garage door happens, be it a broken garage door spring, track or hardware problems, a failing opener, or damage to the garage door itself, we are here for you.

We have been here fixing residential and commercial doors for over 20 years. You can rest assured that when you contact us, you will get the best repair service Rockford has to offer. Guaranteed!

Broken garage door

Garage Door Maintenance

Ultimately, the best option is to get ahead of problems before they happen with regular garage door maintenance. This would include lubing all parts of the garage door that move, replacing any worn parts, adjustment of safety features as needed and much more.

The idea is to avoid an unexpected problem where it can cause the most inconvienence.

Contact us today to schedule your regular maintenance!

Garage Door Repair Services

Rockford Door Company Logo No text.png

Rockford Door Company provides expert garage door repair services for your home or business in Rockford and surrounding areas. We can complete any repair for all makes and models of doors.


All of our work comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee!

We have seen and repaired every problem there is. However, we do find that some repairs are quite common so we listed some of them below.

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Garage Door Spring Repair

A common reason for your garage door not opening is a broken spring. A spring provides tension to help your garage door opener lift your garage door. This is an issue you can usually diagnose with ease. Springs are typically directly above the garage door near the wall.


When it breaks, it is easy to spot the problem as you will see the broken section of the garage door spring. It’s important to note that if you have two springs on your garage door, you’ll most likely need to have both springs replaced.


Note: Please do not attempt to repair or replace a spring on your own, call a professional garage door repair company as this repair can be very hazardous.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Professional Garage Door Opener Repair Service for your home. You get home after work, it has been a long day, then you click the garage door opener button…. and nothing. It is rare, but it happens. Sometimes this can be because of simple reasons. The battery in your clicker is dead. Maybe your garage door opener got unplugged. Could be the photo-eye is blocked or damaged. If it is none of these things, then there is most likely a problem with the opener itself.


Rather than taking it apart yourself, we recommend that you call in a pro to diagnose the problem. At Rockford Door Company, we pride ourselves on being honest, reliable, and fast when it comes to garage door opener problems. We can service or repair any opener of any make or model.

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damaged garage door panel repair.jpg

Damaged Garage Door Panel Repair

Maybe you misjudge the garage door while backing up. Now you have a dented panel. We see this all the time and we can help with getting that garage door panel repaired fast and affordably. Accidents happen, that's life.

When life happens to you, contact us and we will fix it asap.

When it comes to panel repair and replacement, we at Rockford Door Company are here to help. We take pride in being the number one choice for garage door repair in your area.

When it comes to replacing that damaged garage door panel, you can rest assured that we will find the exact match and when it is fixed, nobody will be any the wiser.

Garage Door Off Track Repair

Garage door off track repair services for your home. Sometimes garage doors come off track for no apparent reason and need repair.

But there are reasons this can happen. The main one is that the garage door was struck by a car. The said vehicle doesn’t have to be moving fast. The next common reason is the horizontal tracks bend under the weight of the door or the tracks aren’t aligned properly.

This is why hiring a professional to install your garage door in the first place is so important. Next is if one or two of your garage door rollers break prematurely from extreme wear, or they are of lower quality.

We only use quality parts to reduce the chance of this. 

Contact us when your garage door goes off track.

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photo eye repair.jpg

Photo Eye Repair

A common reason for a garage door not closing can be a malfunctioning photo-eye. Photo eyes are there to keep the garage door from closing if an object passes through the infrared beams.

Photo eyes need to be lined up correctly, if the alignment is thrown off it may cause your garage door to not close. Also, if the lens on one or both of the photo eyes is dirty with debris, this can also cause your garage door to not operate. With both of these scenarios, your photo-eyes system assumes that there is an obstruction in the door.

If your photo eye is flashing that means an obstruction is in the path of the door. Remove the debris and adjust the photo-eye until the indicator light is no longer flashing. Your door should now properly operate.

Broken Cable Repair

It is rare, but sometimes your garage door cable can come loose or break all together.


When this happens, do not attempt to fix this on your own as improper repairs can lead to many problems in the future.


To make sure your garage door cables are adjusted perfectly and ensure proper garage door function, contact us right away, and we will fix this fast and affordably.

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garage door remote control repair.jpg

Remote Control Malfunction Repair

Garage Door Remote Control Repair. If you’ve discovered that there’s no issue with your photo-eyes or garage door spring on your garage door, another thing to check is your remote control to your garage door opener.

If you find that it’s only one garage door remote that doesn’t work correctly, your remote may just need a new battery.

If you replace the battery in the remote and it still doesn’t work, give a reputable garage door company (like us!) a call to diagnose the problem.

A new garage door opener is typically not needed unless yours is more than 10 years old.

Noisy Garage Door Repair

Noisy Garage Door in need of repair? Our expert repairmen can diagnose and fix any strange noises with your garage door.

Noisy doors are very common and there can be a couple of reasons why your garage door is noisy.

This issue can sometimes be fixed with a manufacturer-recommended lubricant. Hinges, rollers, and springs should be lubricated regularly to keep these parts running smoothly for many years.

If this isn’t the issue then contact us at 1st Choice Doors to assist you with diagnosing the issue as you may need a replacement part for your garage door system.

noisy garage door repair.jpg
garage door bottom seal repair.jpg

Garage Door Seal Repair

On the bottom of your garage door is a seal that protects the inside of your garage from the elements.

Over time this seal can wear or be damaged due to use. This can be a difficult part to replace on your own.

Let our technicians handle this fast and at a low cost. This repair can save you from not only cleaning water and other debris that can be blown in your garage from outside but keep out all the creepy crawlers that occupy your home as well.

Contact Us For Garage Door Repair

Contact us today if you have any of the above problems or something else that is preventing your garage door from normal operations. Click below and send us a quick message about how we can help you out!

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